Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brick Mansions

This is one of the last movies filmed by Paul Walker before he died.  There are some very exciting scenes in this movie but once again at other times the movie lacked solid entertainment.  I really feel bad about that because of the great actor that Paul Walker was. 

The low points unfortunately overwhelm this movie.  I gave this movie 2 out of 4 stars. 

Captain America: Winter Soldier

I think that this is one of the best movies that the Marvel universe has ever made.  Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson are all terrific in their pivotal roles.   It just makes the upcoming movie, the Avengers, even more highly anticipated.  

Everything in this movie is top-notch, the special effects, the acting, and the directing.  I would highly recommend that you sit down and watch both the first Captain America and the even more brilliant Captain America:  Winter Soldier. 

I gave this wonderful movie 4 out of 4 stars.

Let’s Be Cops

I thought that this movie had some very funny parts in it.  It starred Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson as two friends trying to make their in life in California.  They dress as police officers to attend a masquerade party and have so much fun they decide to continue to pretend to be police officers after the party is over.  Their exploits get them involved with a mob who are bullying the neighborhood for “protection money”.  The mob becomes angry with them and try to hunt them down.  

I thought this movie was hilarious at times but other times it didn’t hold my attention.  I went in hoping that I would just laugh out loud but that really didn’t happen so I was horribly disappointed.  It had great potential but was written poorly.  I gave this movie 2 out of 4 stars. 

As Above/So Below

The first 15 minutes of this movie had me very intrigued.  But after that the movie went way downhill. 

This movie took place in France.  An archeologist, played by Perdita Weeks, was searching for the Philosopher’s Stone while carrying on her dead father’s legacy.   She gets together with a cameraman (Edwin Hodge), and an old friend (Ben Feldman) as well as a group of friends in France who know their way around the catacombs.  As they walk around below France in the catacombs, they see things that have happened to them above ground in the past.

Overall I was completely bored by this horrific and unchallenging movie.  I only gave this movie 1 out of 4 stars. 

Draft Day

I thought Draft Day was incredible.  Once again Kevin Costner goes back to his athletic roots and comes up with a spectacular film.  The movie also stars Jennifer Garner, Frank Langella, Denis Leary, and many others. 

Kevin Costner plays a general manager in charge of making the number one draft pick for the Cleveland Browns.  I thought this movie was an awesome additive to the great Kevin Costner sports movies.  I gave this movie 3 ½ out of 4 stars.    

Mom’s Night Out

This movie stars Patricia Heaton, Sarah Drew, and Sean Astin.  It was one of the worst films that has been made in a long time.   It really had no substance at all and I would highly recommend that you stick with watching Patricia Heaton on The Middle. 

I gave this movie only 1 out of 4 stars.